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Author Checklist

Initial Submission

  • Read detailed submission guidelines on EMR website.
  • Select type of article: empirical, essay or translation.
  • State in the cover letter if the manuscript has been presented at a conference or published in conference proceedings or as a working paper. Verify that your manuscript has not been published by nor is under review at another journal or as a book or book chapter.
  • Prepare electronic version of manuscript in Word for PC. Use the Times Roman font for the body of the paper; use Times Roman in figures and tables. Note: If paper is accepted, graphics (usually figures) must be GIF format, using the Times Roman font.
  • Double space the body of your manuscript.
  • Ensure that references are complete, match text, and follow EMR format.
  • Check all electronic documents for viruses.
  • For manuscript, follow initial submission guidelines for empirical, essay, and translation papers.
  • For citation and reference style, use the Academy of Management Journal style, which can be found here.

Accepted Papers

  • Prepare electronic version of author biographies in Word.
  • Check that the manuscript contains has all author names, affiliation, and e-mail.
  • Include a page with acknowledgements and author biographies. If you have acknowledgments, they must be added at this stage.
  • Obtain permission in writing to reprint any copyrighted material from another source. Obtaining permission, including any fees, is the sole responsibility of the author(s). A copy of the reprint permission must be provided to the EMR office. Frequently material that authors identify as being an adaptation really needs reprint permission. If you have any questions, contact EMR at You may be asked to provide a copy of the original material.
  • Articles can be submitted here.