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About EMR


Engaged Management ReView (EMR) advances practitioner scholarship and actionable knowledge founded on compelling rigorous evidence. EMR particularly promotes research knowledge produced



EMR welcomes submissions on all topics of management research at any level of analysis (e.g., individuals, groups, organizations, societies) grounded on convincing evidence and analysis that demonstrably address genuine problems of practice. Any social science research method is welcome.

Intended Audience(s)

Management practitioners and academics concerned about increasing the supply of relevant, high-quality management research in for-profit, non-profit and public sector organizations.

Expected Contributors

Main contributors to the journal will be the students, alumni and faculty of research-intensive academic doctoral programs in management schools, and practitioners with an interest in engaged scholarship.

Important Information for All

Authors, reviewers, and associate editors should familiarize themselves with the unique purpose for the EMR journal, the concept of practitioner-scholar, and the unique format requirements for empirical submissions. The Power Point file, available below, provides a detailed understanding of the format, in particular, the need to use two voices—practitioner and scholar—in various sections of the format.

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Motivation for Creating EMR

For information about the motivation for way EMR was created, please read the following EMR essay.