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Mike Henry

Mike Henry earned a DBA from the University of Southern Queensland in 2013. His doctoral research focused on family business succession and specifically on tacit knowledge in the generational transfer of family business. His case study research used structured content analysis in comparing family/nonfamily transitions, male/female successors and different industry sectors. He is also publishes in the areas of management education, international business (focus on China) and public policy. His management experience includes being an executive in the non-profit health sector, public (political) affairs, consulting, and private sector management, and for the past decade in higher education administration.

Mike is the associate dean in the School of Business at MacEwan University with an appointment in the Department of Management, OB, HR and MIS, with a cross-appointment in the Department of International Business, Marketing and Strategy. He is the Director of the Institute for Innovation in Management Education and Director of the Royal Bank Management Development Centre.