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Chad Perry

Chad Perry was Professor of Marketing and Management at Southern Cross University, Gold Coast, Queensland, where he participated in MBA, DBA and PhD programs until he semi-retired in 2003. Since then, he has given seminars throughout the Asia-Pacific region, written articles, examined theses, and run compressed MBA subjects; as well, he has been the chair of the academic board of a degree-granting institution, Gibaran Business School/Australian Institute of Business, leading the development of many of its academic processes. Before he semi-retired, he presented workshops in MBA programs in China, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea as well as normal MBA classes on the Gold Coast. Chad has supervised an extraordinary number of postgraduate research students (who have completed more than 46 doctorates, and 23 masters and honours degrees), has examined 51 doctoral theses, and the Department of Marketing that he previously headed had one of the largest Marketing PhD programs in Australia (measured by graduates per year), if not the largest. A key to that position was his paper about how to write a thesis that is used around the world, has been translated into Russian and Spanish, and is on several international Web sites. Indeed, Googling ‘”Chad Perry” thesis structure’ produces thousands of hits from around the world; and he has many unsolicited ‘thank you’ emails from people around the world whom he has not met but who have used the structure for their doctorates (given to them by their supervisor or peers, or downloaded from the Internet). His main research interests were relationship marketing and qualitative research methods like case research. He won more than $300,000 worth of competitive research grants, most of them from the Australian Research Council and several of them in conjunction with industry partners. As well, he won three University-wide awards, two Best Paper awards at national conferences and the year’s Outstanding Paper award of an international journal. He has written or co- written four textbooks, sixteen book chapters and more than 78 refereed journal articles and 48 refereed conference papers including articles published in international journals such as The European Journal of Marketing, Qualitative Market Research: an International Journal, International Business Review, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Asia Journal of Marketing and Management Science (along with about 50 other articles and conference papers). As a result, he has more than 5147 citations in Scholar Google, one of his articles is the most cited article ever published in Australasian Marketing Journal, and another of his dozen publications in European Journal of Marketing is the thirteenth most cited article of the thousands published in that A- category journal. He won about ten awards like Best Paper, Supervisor of the Year, etc. He was on the Editorial Board of one European journal and two Australian journals. He was invited to present more than 100 research seminars at more than 30 universities in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Austria, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and the West Indies. He was included in the 2002 editions of Who’s Who in Australia and Who’s Who in the World. As well, Chad taught a wide range of units in marketing, management and statistics to day, part-time, distance and executive workshop classes. Moreover, he has presented management development workshops in Africa, Asia, Papua New Guinea, the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as doing occasional management consulting projects in some of those countries. For example, within Australia, he was involved in management development programs and consulting projects for organisations as diverse as Telstra, Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, Marriott and Transfield. In his semi-retirement, he led the development of academic processes at the Australian Institute of Business that has an MBA program that has been ranked ‘from the students’ point of view’ as being #3 in Australia and #10 in the world, among the top 100 MBAs in the world.